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What is Bubble Tea?

It all originated in the island country of Taiwan back in the 1980s where Bubble Tea was first invented. In its most basic form, it is made using mildly-brewed red tea mixed with condensed milk, poured over a layer of black tapioca pearls. Today, however, the name Bubble Tea can refer to an absolute myriad of variations on that original theme. 

This new phenomenon spread rapidly like wild fire through the Asian continent before finding the shores of North America, Australia then Europe and finally, Brighton! 

Bubble Tea is a drink with either a base of green or black tea (both rich in antioxidants), infused with a variety of creamy extracts or natural fruit flavourings. 

The ingredients are combined together by being vigorously shaken; specialist machines time this process to perfection. Chewy natural tapioca ‘pearls' or fruity jelly that you suck up through a big fat straw are then added to the drink. A jazzy beverage and snack all in one! Bubble Tea can be served either ice cold or piping hot depending on your mood. 

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